The Super 60 Kit


This is one of the few modification sets that is available directly through Mopar Performance.  It involves installing a larger turbo, a set of huge injectors and fuel pump, an aggresive cam shaft, a special logic module, and quite a few other parts.  The setup was first conceived of by Dave Zelkowski, who installed this system on an Omni.  This package is capable of generating over 300hp out of a 2.2L engine.  The engine must have the strong Turbo II or '89 and later Turbo I or Turbo II block, crankshaft, rods, and pistons.  The early Turbo I engines are not strong enough to handle this setup for long.

The advantage to this setup is that it is a well-known kit that works together and is relatively "hands-free".  Very little custom fabrication is required, mostly harnesses and such.  The parts can be ordered through the Mopar Performance Calalog.  Here is a link to an article on Edgar Lucas's site that will give all the details on this kit:

The Little Engine That Could (And Did): Building a 300+ HP 2.2L--with factory parts and no bottle!

NOTE:  Mopar Performance is phasing out 2.2L performance parts as of 1999.  It is unknown how much longer the parts for this package will be available.  As of 10/01/98, it is known that the 2 piece intake manifold, and gasket has been discontinued.  These parts can still be found in salvage yards and the 1 piece intake works fine as well.
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