The ND Performance Custom Programmed ECU


ND Performance is a small business/hobby devoted to selling custom-programmed computers for Chrysler's FWD vehicles with turbocharged engines.  This company was started and is owned by Neil Emiro and his wife, Donna.

The advantage to using an ND Computer is that it can be custom-taylored to your engine.  Neil can program the computer with any spark/fuel delivery curve, boost level, rev limit, etc. that you could want.  For a fee, he will even custom-tune your computer while it is being dyno-tested for maximum output.  He can program computers for Turbo I, Turbo II, Turbo III, and Turbo IV (VNT) engines of all years.

The conversion has to be done to a core computer that has to be sent to him.  The best thing to do is to get a spare computer from a junked car that will work in your vehicle.  Otherwise you can just send him the computer you have, but you won't be able to go back to stock form some day if you need to (to pass emissions, loan or sell the car, etc.).  Along with the computer, you need to give him as many details about your vehicle as possible so that he can program your computer the best.  This should at least include the make, model and year of the vehicle, engine size, type, turbo type, fuel injector size, exhaust size, and any other modifications that have been done to the vehicle.  He has a few different types of modifications that he can do for you, and he will explain them when you call.

For more information, you can try to email Niel Emiro at ND Performance.  You are probably better off calling him, since he does not usually answer business-related questions over email.  ND Performance can be reached at:

ND Performance
(new address currently unknown)
(602) 434-0848
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