Performance Links

This page lists many of the other web pages on the Internet that contain useful performance information.  Many of these sites are referenced throughout this site, but I recommend visiting these as well so that you can get as much information as possible.

Shelby Dodge Pictures and Video Clips page allows you to download pictures and video clips of racing and other events through SDAC and the SDML.

Dempsey Bowling's Turbo Performance Upgrades pages are one of the original web pages made for these cars.  He describes some basic modifications that everyone should start with.  With the help of Gus Mahon, he also has additional modifications involving low-cost bleed techniques.

Gus Mahon's Homepage contains some more of his tricks, towards the bottom of the page.

Turbo Gearhead Central Technical Support page also lists a good amount of performance and general troubleshooting information.

Gary Donovan's Homepage has some compilations of performance information for 2.2L/2.5L carbureted, TBI, Turbo, and 3.0L V6 engines.  You can use the "Edit->Find" feature of your browser to search through the longer pages.

Angelo Taylor Racing is a perfect example of one can do with these little cars.  Angelo has a 1984 Plymouth Horizon "Matchbox" that he has won many competitions with.
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