The Electronic Boost Response Controller


This circuit functions by holding the wastgate solenoid open, thereby closing the wastegate, until the MAP sensor voltage (boost pressure) reaches a specified threshold.  Control of the wastgate solenoid is then returned to the logic module.  This functions similarly to LRE's turbo response kit, except that it is electronic and can be adjusted or disabled while driving.  Also, it costs only about $20-$30 in parts as opposed to the $140 LRE unit.  Be sure to read all of the instructions.

The circuit is a simple comparator that holds the solenoid on until the boost pressure reaches the threshold.  Control is returned to the logic module until the boost pressure drops below a lower threshold. The circuit is fairly simple and stout using standard parts available at your local Radio Shack and hardware store.  Here is the page containing complete instructions.

The Electronic Boost Response Controller II, by Russ W. Knize

If you are still using the original circuit, here is a page on how to use the oroginal circuit to implement the same setup (no code 36 or extra solenoids).  It also contains the original schematics for reference.  The calibration and installation procedures have not changed significantly in the new revision, so use the above link for that.

The Original Electronic Boost Response Controller Conversion, by Russ W. Knize
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