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Welcome to the Mini-Mopar Resources website.  Here you can find information about how to diagnose, repair, and upgrade your Chrysler front-wheel drive vehicle.  This information applies all vehicles based off of Chrysler's L and K body platforms, which includes models from 1984 through 1994.  See the Mini-Mopar Body Types page for more information.  You may select a category from the list above, select one of the more popular features from below, or try the Mini-Mopar Troubleshooter.  To read more about this website and its author, click here.


The Mini-Mopar Troubleshooter
A point-and-click guide to track down the source of your problem. The troubleshooter will guide you to the appropriate repair page for your problem.
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Fault Code Description Pages
An area devoted to ECU fault codes, how to retrieve them, and what to do about them.
Understanding the Chrysler ECU
Learn all the details about how the Engine Control Unit and its related components function.
The Mini-Mopar Performance Guide
A guide to the many modification options available for these vehicles.
Oil Filters Revealed
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This website pertains to Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth front wheel drive vehicles from the model year 1982 through 1994, specifically those with 2.2L and 2.5L fuel injected engines.  It was created in 1997 with the intent to document some of the issues that frequently came up on the Shelby-Dodge Mailing List.  It went from a simple FAQ of sorts into a rather large repository during one, highly motivated winter in 1999.  Since then, updates were scarce until 2003 when the entire site was reorganized and updated.

All in all, Chrysler's front-wheel drive, 2.2L and 2.5L turbocharged vehicles are quite fun to drive and a stock car can out-accelerate a ZR1 or a Mustang 5.0, if driven right. A stock turbo engine (Turbo I) will put out 147 HP and with a few, simple mods, closer to 170 HP. Since most of these cars are built rather light, the horse power to weight ratio is what makes them so quick.

Some Dodge versions of these cars were taken in and modified by Carroll Shelby to become the Shelby line of Chrysler's performance cars, commonly called Shelby-Dodges. Most of these cars are equipped with modified suspension and often with an intercooled turbo (Turbo II) which can put out about 170 HP. These can also be modified further as with the Turbo I to put out closer to 190-200 hp! To find out more about Shelby-Dodges, I would recommend visiting Dempsey Bowling's homepage. He has compiled a lot of information about Shelby-Dodges including their history.

If you're looking for a forum where you can talk about turbo Mini-Mopars and Shelby-Dodges, check-out the Turbo Mopar Forums and speak with and get advise from hundreds of Mini-Mopar and Shelby-Dodge enthusiasts.  If you prefer email lists, try the Shelby-Dodge Mailing List (SDML) which is still alive and kicking. 

Web Sites

Below is a list of links to other web sites that are very helpful. Many of them are referenced throughout this site.

AllPar (formerly Chrysler Central) is a great site to visit for more general information about these cars and all Chryslers.

Donovan's Dodge Garage has become an impressive resource of mainly performance-oriented material.  Gary currently races a 10 second 1985 Plymouth Reliant and a 12 second 1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby, and tends to be on the leading edge of performance with these cars.

Dempsey Bowling's Home Page has a lot of information about Shelby-Dodges and their history. He also has some technical information about the Shelby GLH and GLHS.

The Lost Pages of Edgar Lucas contains a site with some article reprints about Shelby-Dodges and other technical subjects, as well as some Shelby Dodge stories. His homepage fell off the net, but here is his car.

The Shelby-Dodge Automobile Club "SDAC is an enthusiast club who's interest is the Shelby inspired Dodge car's of the mid and late '80's and the Shelby cars based on Dodge products."  I am a member of the Chicagoland Chapter.

ShelbyVille is mainly a classified site for all Mini-Mopars. If you want one of these vehicles, this is the place to go. Some ads even include pictures.

Vendors - my list of parts vendors.

Mailing Lists and Forums

Turbo Mopar Forums - an open forum for FWD Mopar discussions.  Unlike most other Internet forums out there, this one has a friendly atmosphere and an emphasis on relevant topics.

Shelby Dodge Mailing List - the list that started it all.  Discussion is restricted to FWD Mopar vehicles that were modified or inspired by Carroll Shelby (mainly turbo cars).

Every Extended K Cars - a forum for any car based on the "K" platform.

Forward Mopar Mailing List - a list for people looking to increase performance on any FWD Mopar from 1980 to present.

Team G Force - a list dedicated to the G body cars: Dodge Daytona and Chrysler Laser.

The R/T Mailing List - a list for vehicles with the "Turbo III" (Lotus head DOHC turbo) engines.

Disclaimer: By using any of the methods or ideas expressed on any of these pages, you take full responsibility for anything that may happen to you, your car, anyone, any property, or anything. Not I nor anyone else will be held responsible for anything that may result from using any of the information included on any of these pages. To make the lawyers happy: THIS INFORMATION IS GIVEN "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OF OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS OFFERED. BY USING THIS INFORMATION YOU RELEASE THE AUTHOR AND ANYONE ELSE WHO MAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED FROM ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER.

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